Tax Credits and Incentives

Tax Credits and Incentives

Federal, State, and Local Tax Credits and Incentives

Has your business engaged in activities that may result in tax savings? Are you taking advantage of all federal and state tax credits available to your business? Maximizing the credits and incentives available to you can help you expand operations and enhance after-tax earnings.

The challenge is that the tax credit and incentive landscape perpetually changes. Brady Ware’s advisors can help you identify and obtain credits and incentives across various industry segments.

Research and Experimentation Tax Credits

The federal government and many state tax authorities have provided a credit for businesses that invest in research and experimentation. The definition of costs qualifying for the credit is different than what many businesses view as customary research and development activities. Creating new products, developing process changes, and implementing new manufacturing methods are common creditable activities.

Brady Ware’s expert tax team brings significant experience in identifying business activities that may qualify for the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. This credit is not a deduction. Instead, the credit is used as an actual reduction of your income tax liability. Our review will ensure that you receive any share of this valuable credit for which you may qualify, thus giving your business a competitive advantage and improving cash flow.

Brady Ware’s tax team will partner with you to develop a customized approach to your credit study. Examples of our credit services include:


Tax Credits Calculations

Review Prior Year
Credit Calculations

Tax Credits Current Year

Analyze Creditable

Tax Credits Study

Perform and Document
Credit Studies

Tax Credits Future

Plan for Use of
Future Credits

Many common business innovations meet the qualification standards and are eligible for the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit. Our tax professionals have helped many businesses calculate and take advantage of their credit. We can help yours, too.

Other Tax Credits

Many tax credits available to businesses go unclaimed because of the cost, complexity, and time required to access them. The potential savings simply do not justify the laborious effort involved. But what if your business could hand off the calculation and administration of these federal credits to a trusted business advisor?

Here are just a few of the tax credits that may be available to your business:

Work Opportunity Tax Credit | Brady Ware

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Jobs Creation Tax Credit | Brady Ware

Jobs Creation Tax Credit

Opportunity Zone Tax Credit | Brady Ware

Opportunity Zone Tax Credit

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