Accounting, Audit, and Assurance

Accounting, Audit, and Assurance Beyond Just a Report

Brady Ware’s accounting, audit, and assurance services go beyond the mere delivery of a report. Our goal is to help you identify those areas where you can improve profitability or enhance business operations.

When you partner with Brady Ware, we’ll work with you to provide high-quality financial statement audits, and other attestation services. We ensure the accuracy of your financial information and the reliability of your processes and controls—and we don’t stop there. We remain at your side throughout the year to provide you with critical and timely accounting, financial, and regulatory information that affects your business.

Our advisors help you with:

Nonprofit Board Governance | Brady Ware

Financial Statement Audit,
Review, and Compilation

Fraud Detection and Deterrence | Brady Ware CPAs

Internal Controls Audits

Internal Audits

Nonprofit Benefit Review | Brady Ware

Sarbanes-Oxley (Section 404)
Compliance Audits

Our audit and assurance services encompass more than assessing risk and applying audit procedures. Brady Ware helps you fully understand where your business has been so you can better direct where it is headed.

When you work with us, you can expect proactive, responsive, and expert professionals who understand your business needs.

Asset-Based Lending Audits

At Brady Ware, our Asset-Based Lending team works with lenders to evaluate the true risk associated with their asset-based portfolios. Our professionals are ready to enhance your in-house capabilities by providing timely, accurate, and concise reporting regarding your clients’ financial position and operations.

Comprehensive Examination

Tell us what you need to know! As a third-party provider, our team often goes beyond the scope of traditional examination services to determine if the business is accurately represented by the numbers. Our goal is to work closely with our lending clients to verify that an appropriate collateral base exists to support their ongoing lending positions.

Our field examination services include:

  • Pre-Loan Surveys
  • Recurring Field Examinations

Additionally, our team is prepared to provide:

  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Fraud/Forensic Investigation
    • Other due diligence / agreed upon procedures as mandated
    • Accounts receivable
    • Inventory
    • Capital assets
    • Covenant compliance review

Why Brady Ware?

Our Asset-Based Lending team is strategically positioned to help lenders monitor and maintain a low-risk, high-quality, asset-based loan portfolio.

Jim Kaiser, Co CEO of Brady Ware

Jim Kaiser, CPA

Dayton, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Atlanta, Georgia


Samuel J. Agresti, Jr., Director, Brady Ware

Sam Agresti, CPA

Columbus, Ohio


Bookkeeping & Accounting

Brady Ware advisors help you discover and manage the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that best measure success for your industry and your priorities as a business owner. We work with you to develop your tailored KPIs and customize a bookkeeping and accounting system that highlights the factors that will make or break your business. We also help you adjust your books to be in accordance with GAAP.

Robert E. Reynolds | Brady Ware Nonprofit Services

Bob Reynolds, CPA, CGMA

Richmond, Indiana


Betty Collins, Director for Brady Ware

Betty Collins, CPA

Columbus, Ohio


Controller & CFO Outsourcing

As your business advisor, Brady Ware brings expertise and a breadth of experience to situations including:

  • Closing an accounting period – From inventory valuation to revenue cutoff, we can help you put together a period-end close that brings your finances into sharp focus.
  • Securing bank financing – Our experts know who’s making loans at the lowest cost and most favorable terms for your business.
  • Due diligence – Are you merging with or acquiring another company? Thinking about it? Brady Ware will work with you and your legal team to make sure your interests are protected every step of the way.
  • Recruiting – Maybe your business has grown to the point where you need to consider bringing on a senior staff member in accounting. We can help you figure out what you need in a new hire and then assist with interviewing and structuring an offer.

Brady Ware raises the level of financial expertise in your business without incurring a large fixed cost of adding permanent staff.

Jim Kaiser, Co CEO of Brady Ware

Jim Kaiser, CPA

Dayton, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Atlanta, Georgia


Samuel J. Agresti, Jr., Director, Brady Ware

Sam Agresti, CPA

Columbus, Ohio


Quality of Earnings

A detailed analysis of all the components of a target company’s revenue and expenses is critical to understanding the sustainability and accuracy of historical earnings, as well as providing insight into future earnings projections. The Transaction Services team at Brady Ware understands the importance of a quality of earnings report in either substantiating an offer price or identifying reasons why the offer might be amended.

Each of our quality of earnings reports focuses on those items considered to be the most critical. We examine the other aspects, but we don’t build extensive reports in those areas to justify our fees or lengthen our presentations. You receive what you need and want, with an emphasis on the critical aspects of earnings that might impact a valuation and purchase price.

Our financial due diligence may include:

  • Revenue breakdown by key components such as customers and product/service lines
  • Revenue analysis based on company generated versus external windfalls
  • Analysis of historic revenue trends
  • Determination of one-time expenses vs. recurring expenses
  • True underlying run rate of revenue, apart from fiscal year end adjustments and timing issues
  • Proper recognition and timing of both revenue and expenses
  • Related party transactions and their handling
  • Determination of fixed vs. variable costs
  • Analysis of assumptions used in cash flow projections and scenario analysis
  • Cash flow verification and proof of cash on hand
  • Risk of future earnings based on issues such as
    • Concentration of customers
    • Cost structure and sourcing considerations
    • Price strategy and elasticity
    • Dependence of revenue on intellectual property strength and expiration timing
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