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Episode 11

The Benefits of a Women’s
Initiative in Your Company


Episode 11: The Benefits of a Women’s Initiative in Your Company

If you want to encourage the women in your organization to achieve more success, a women’s initiative can help.

There are several key parts to forming a successful women’s initiative.

  1. 100% buy in from the top level of the company.
  2. The mindset cannot be “have to” but a “want to.” It’s not a fad or short-term. It has to become a part of the culture.
  3. It’s not a one-person show. All the women in your company need to participate. It’s about addressing the needs of all the women in your company in their varying stages.
  4. Evolving goals and purposes.
  5. Partnering with strong women-oriented organizations in your area, such as the Women’s Small Business Accelerator (WSBA) and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

The benefits of a women’s initiative include developing leadership skills, attracting and retaining employees, energizing your current workforce, building confidence and networking skills, and more.

Join Betty Collins, as well as Mary McCarthy of the WSBA of Central Ohio and Christy Farnbauch of NAWBO Columbus for a discussion of these steps and benefits that can help your organization’s women go the distance.



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