It’s a New Year and we are committed to a fresh approach

It's a New Year and we are committed to a fresh approach

By Bob Reynolds, CPA, CGMA

We welcomed in 2019 about six weeks ago so we felt it appropriate to pause and reflect on how we are doing with our New Year's resolutions. With the coming of a new year many of us resolve to get in shape, lose weight, stop smoking and to do a host of other things aimed at making our lives better. Face it, New Year’s resolutions provide a great opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes they said they would. From all of us at Brady Ware, we wish you the very best in 2019 and great success in keeping your New Year’s resolutions.

Since our founding, Brady Ware has served the nonprofit community. Many of partners and team members serve as volunteer leaders for mission-driven organizations. These individuals serve with dedication and passion as they help the organizations fulfill their mission and meet the needs of our communities.

As 2019 approached, the Brady Ware Nonprofit Services Group paused to reflect on the past and to develop a few New Year’s resolutions of our own. While we have significant expertise in the financial, tax and operational issues facing nonprofit organizations, we understand the demands placed on nonprofits today are greater than ever before. To respond to the increasing complexities facing the nonprofit community, we resolved to enhance our service experience in the New Year by emphasizing things like the following as we work with nonprofit leaders:

  • Focus on the strategic, not just the operational
  • Expand our collective understanding of the environment in which the organization operates
  • Help formulate strategies to enhance resiliency to allow the organization to adapt quickly to change
  • Develop key performance indicators and analytical tools to monitor financial and non-financial information to strengthen oversight and monitoring functions
  • Manage leadership succession

It's a New Year and we are committed to a fresh approach. Let me conclude by introducing the leaders of our Nonprofit Services Group:

Robert E. Reynolds, CPA, CGMA

Twana L. Cheek, CPA

Missy L. Behymer, CPA

Teresa B. Snyder, CPA

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