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The technology sector moves at lightning speed, and your business intelligence needs and compliance requirements could change month to month. You can’t afford to be distracted with compliance challenges or waste precious capital fixing them, so you need a partner who can keep up with your pace. Whether you are just starting out or have successfully grown your company and are ready to take the next step, we can protect you from compliance distractions and avoidable expenses, putting you in the best position to succeed.

You have a dream. Brady Ware can help you make it a reality.

You had a vision. Through your hard work, that dream is now your business, and now comes the reality of day-to-day operations. Brady Ware can help you avoid some of the distractions that come with operations and compliance giving you the time to make sure your business continues to be successful.


Technology Business Valuation | Brady Ware

Our 409A valuation will prepare you to comply with tax and accounting rules for granting stock options, and you will gain actionable market intelligence about how your company compares to its competition, as well as how the markets are pricing companies such as yours. A strong 409A valuation is also a key due diligence item for institutional investors and strategic acquirers, as it can affirm your company’s price during the due diligence process.


Technology Intellectual Property | Brady Ware

If your company involves intellectual property, patents, trade secrets, software, etc., we can give you a robust and credible determination of its value. This information is helpful when you’re looking to raise funding and evaluate investment or acquisition offers.


Technology Tax Credits | Brady Ware

Non-compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws can result in painful distractions from focusing on growing your business and incur significant expenses. You could also be missing out on state and local tax credits, leaving money on the table.


Technology International Consulting | Brady Ware

If you are planning to sell or source abroad, you’ll encounter foreign regulations and tax laws. Brady Ware can help structure your company to minimize distraction and unnecessary expenses in your foreign expansion.

Your revenue has grown, and it’s time to expand your operations.

You need to hire additional help, and you’re looking at new channels of distribution. This growth phase will require your full attention. Brady Ware can help you keep your house in order while you focus on growth.


Technology Hiring | Brady Ware

Adding staff may not be straight forward. Should you bring on contractors or hire permanent employees? Are you aware of how the IRS will view these additions? Brady Ware will advise you on the best way to meet your growing staff needs.


Investment Capital Technology | Brady Ware

Your expansion might also require outside investment. Brady Ware helps you accurately assess your company’s needs for additional capital and the best timing for raising it.


Technology Tax Credits | Brady Ware

As your sales expand, you may be subject to an increasing array of state and local tax laws. You may also have the opportunity to take advantage of R&D and other forms of tax credits.

Committed to Your Future

Your company is successful, and now you’re looking for outside investment to take that next step. Brady Ware can help.

Our valuation team will provide you with critical information on how the markets value and price companies like yours so you can evaluate offers and engage in negotiations from a position of informed strength.

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