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In neighborhoods across the country, nonprofits play a critical role—now more than ever. Nonprofits bridge the gap between what communities need and what they can afford. They bring arts and culture to under-served regions and support education, economic development, health care, and trade.

Since our founding, Brady Ware has served the nonprofit community with passion and dedication. We understand the unique financial and operational challenges nonprofits face, and we know how to help you fulfill your mission. Many of our partners and managers serve on nonprofit boards, and this commitment helps us anticipate your needs and strengthen your services.


We help nonprofit clients by providing consulting and accounting services that:
Build endowments through financial planning, enhanced fundraising, and working with donors to leave planned gifts
Perform strategic planning, including refining your mission and services, developing budgets, recruiting executive staff and board members, and collaborating with other nonprofits
Evaluate operations with an eye toward efficiency, helping you maximize the impact of limited resources
Perform cost-effective audits, in collaboration with our dedicated team of nonprofit auditors
Ensure compliance with changing tax laws, accounting rules, and regulations
File Form 990 accurately and in a timely manner
Secure and maintain a tax-exempt status

Brady Ware specialists work side by side with more than 100 nonprofit organizations. Our team helps associations, social-service providers, religious groups, foundations, cultural organizations, and more to serve their communities powerfully and effectively.

Take Five Nonprofit Leadership Conference Archive

Take Five Nonprofit Conference Video Archive



Take Five Nonprofit Conference Archive


Additional Resources

The Take Five Review

A Complimentary Review of Five Crucial Elements Your Nonprofit Depends upon to Thrive and Survive

Today’s economic environment makes it more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to build solid foundations for the future to ensure that they will be able to accomplish their core missions.

At Brady Ware, we understand the strategic components that make nonprofit organizations strong. Our nonprofit teams are dedicated to making communities stronger by providing expert advice to local nonprofit organizations. We have helped more than 100 nonprofit organizations better understand where they are today and where they need to be in order to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s uncertain circumstances. We believe so strongly in this strategic approach that we developed a proprietary process to accelerate our learning about your organization.

How Take Five Works
Complimentary Review
Performed by Brady Ware Nonprofit Specialists
Onsite at Your Facility
Takes Only a Few Hours
Provides Summary of Observations

The Take Five review process assesses five strategic concerns and provides the foundation for further discussion.


Nonprofit Succession Planning | Brady Ware

Succession Planning

Nonprofit Board Governance | Brady Ware

Board Governance

Nonprofit Fundraising Effectiveness | Brady Ware

Fundraising Effectiveness

Nonprofit Benefit Review | Brady Ware

Benefits Review

Nonprofit Form 990 | Brady Ware

What does your 990 say?

“We value Brady Ware as advisors. Their expertise and their understanding of our mission make them great partners.”

Leo E. Dudgale, III, CFO
Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley


Strategic Planning for Mission-Driven Organizations

Brady Ware Nonprofit Strategic Planning ProcessEconomic challenges and a rapidly changing world have forced mission-driven organizations to do more with less. Delivering on your mission can be difficult in the present, and contemplating long-term sustainability can sometimes be overwhelming. A solid near-term strategy can address current issues and provide a solid foundation for the future.

Many independent consultants offer comprehensive strategic reviews that stretch into the distant future, involve days of meetings, and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Brady Ware’s Strategic Planning addresses only the next three years, the critical period that can make or break an organization.

Our highly focused engagement generates:

  • Leadership alignment around a common vision
  • Clarity about the true environment in which the organization operates
  • Momentum and energy that is necessary to affect meaningful change
  • A limited number of the most critical strategic goals

Brady Ware delivers strategic goals that are:

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

Nonprofit Impact | Brady Ware CPAs

To learn more about how Brady Ware can help your nonprofit organization fulfill its mission, contact:

Robert E. Reynolds | Brady Ware Nonprofit Services

Robert E. Reynolds, CPA, CGMA

Nonprofit Services Team Leader

Dayton, Ohio


Teresa Snyder, Director for Brady Ware

Teresa Snyder, CPA

Atlanta, Georgia


Missy Behymer, Director for Brady Ware

Missy Behymer, CPA

Columbus, Ohio


Twana Cheek, Director of Brady Ware

Twana Cheek, CPA

Richmond, Indiana


2020 NFP Marketing ReportKivi Leroux Miller’s 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

The go-to source for what’s REALLY happening in the world of nonprofit communications and fundraising compiled this report from the answers of 625 nonprofit professionals who took their 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey in November 2019.

They answered these and other questions:

Which communications strategies are the biggest priorities (e.g., content marketing, advertising, word of mouth marketing, permission-based marketing, etc.)? What social media strategies do you use? How big is your communications team and budget? What structure does your communications team have? What will your next annual report look like? Is communications valued as strategic within your nonprofit and is your professional expertise respected?


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