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Develop an advantage for your manufacturing company

Manufacturers are operating in an environment of cutthroat competition. Between outsourcing, regulations, volatile commodity markets, and environmental pressures, manufacturers face serious financial issues on multiple fronts.

Brady Ware helps you address these issues simultaneously. Many of our consultants have a background in industry, and our experience helps us anticipate your needs and develop custom solutions to enhance your operation.

We help manufacturing companies by providing accounting services that:

  • Revise operations to enhance productivity and profitability, with a clear understanding of the company’s break-even point
  • Accurately evaluate profits by product, customer, or job, enabling efficient decision-making
  • Use LIFO to value your inventory and maximize your tax benefit—so you keep more of what you earn
  • Perform cost segregation studies to further uncover tax savings
  • Assess potential benefits of manufacturing in-house versus subcontracting
  • Secure financing to expand or make acquisitions
  • Improve internal controls—to deter fraud before it starts

In addition, we integrate our accounting services with your overall tax, audit, and strategic planning initiatives. That means you realize integrated financial rewards across your business.

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Priorities focus on growing sales, improving profitability, and addressing workforce shortage. The challenge of gaining a competitive advantage remains critically important. We hope these findings provide you with insightful questions to ask and strategic ideas to evaluate these topics, ultimately helping you grow your business and achieve your goals.


LEA - Brady Ware 2019 Manufacturing Report

To learn more about how Brady Ware’s manufacturing accounting expertise helps you succeed, contact:

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Eric Carter, CPA | Brady Ware

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