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WEBINAR: Reinsurance Options Available
to Dealers

Dealer participation programs (often generally referred to as reinsurance) provide auto dealers a range of options to build wealth, generate cash flow or address other financial objectives. Industry vet, Matt Gibson with Protective Asset Protection, will provide an overview of the participation program options available to dealers, current events impacting these programs and why dealers should think about reviewing their current participation model.

WEBINAR: Key Considerations in Building or Upgrading Your Dealership

What are some key considerations when building a new store or undertaking a major facilities upgrade? In this upcoming webinar, Bill Heifner and Brian Reynolds from Renier Construction will cover ways to help dealerships save money and maximize efficiency. Some of the items we will be covering during this month’s webinar include:
• The most efficient process to building a new store and doing major facilities upgrade
• Negotiating with the manufacturer
• Adding value with engineering the building
• The difference between Design-Bid-Build and Design Build
• Avoiding costly change orders

WEBINAR: DMS Comparison – Which One is Right for You?

Join Sandi Jerome, a DMS Guru, as she reviews the different DMS systems. Sandi has helped over 1,100 dealers pick between 20 difference available DMS systems over the past 20 years. In this webinar, Sandi will discuss:

• CDK’s new Flex DMS, is it right for you?
• Should you stay with R+R? Reasons to stay, reasons to leave
• DealerTrack DMS, will they overcome the lack of features compared to CDK and R+R?
• Are you ready for an Alternate DMS? Some of the choices; DealerStar, AutoSoft, Auto/Mate, PBS

WEBINAR: Fixed Ops KPIs: Measure, Manage, Make Big Money

By identifying, measuring and managing certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dealerships can significantly improve their fixed operations profitability. Join Brett Coker as he discusses throughput, proficiency, and more.

Achieve 100% Fixed Coverage Before the Next Economic Meltdown

Brett Coker discusses the steps your dealership should take to achieve 100% fixed coverage before the next economic meltdown.

Jeff Sacks: Improve Your Dealership’s Profitability

Jeff Sacks’ passion and vision in the industry have helped to improve dealership functionality relating to process improvement strategies, asset and expense controls, computer utilization, management information systems, and more.

Tim Kight: Leadership Culture in Your Dealership

As leadership coach to Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, Tim Kight is renowned for creating leaders, and he wants to help you create leadership culture in your dealership.

WEBINAR: Building a Digital Empire for Your Dealership

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to understand the digital marketplace? Is your dealership struggling with the best approach to market in the digital world? Are you trying to figure out how to develop an effective digital strategy? Then join Justin Ward as he addresses these questions and provides tips to improve your digital presence.

WEBINAR: Mitigating Cyber Fraud in Today’s Social Environment

In this webinar, Mike Moran, President of Affiliated, will walk you through ways to proactively protect data and information.

WEBINAR: Dealership Year-End Planning

As you approach the end of a year, it is vital to consider how you will prepare for the year-end. This webinar will help you make sure the accounting, tax, payroll, and other tasks are completed accurately and timely before you close the books on this fiscal year.

NADA Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025

Enjoy the highlights of Glenn Mercer’s NADA Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025 discussion

The Road to the Sale with Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler offers practical hands-on advice on how to close more sales (with higher profit).

Jim Ziegler’s 20 Things I’d Change about Your Dealership

Jim Ziegler talks about the top 20 things he’d change today if he bought your dealership.

Secure Automotive Financial Environment

Learn about employee fraud and how to combat it in this informative video.

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