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From digital marketing strategies that can increase your bottom line to succession and ESOP options that safeguard your dealership’s future and data management or internal controls consulting that can enhance the security of your dealership’s data and finances, our advisory services can take your dealership to the next level.

Dealership Digital Marketing Solutions

The priority of a solid digital strategy is to boost your website traffic. You’ve heard of SEO and SEM marketing, but are you exploring all the options available to your dealership to truly engage your potential audience and bring in new customers? We offer a wide array of digital strategies to increase your digital audience, including local business listings, cross platform ads, targeting campaigns, and more. 


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Warranty Reimbursement

We help dealerships receive warranty reimbursements

For years, payment on warranty work has been a point of contention in the dealer-factory relationship. Around the country, changes are being made to protect the dealer. Today, more than forty states have laws mandating that manufacturers reimburse dealers for their warranty-related labor and parts at the same rate that the dealerships charge for retail repair work.

So why aren’t more dealerships taking advantage to increase their warranty reimbursement? Many either do not know that this is available, are worried about retaliation by the manufacturer, or don’t think they have time to deal with the substantial red tape.

Brady Ware makes it easy for your dealership to receive the increased reimbursements that are rightfully yours. Our dealership consultants will help you prepare and submit the reimbursement applications to your state. Some manufacturers may question the submission, but the documentation we prepare will address those questions. We handle it all so you can focus on running your business and collect the reimbursement from your manufacturer.

Placement Services

In an industry that has some of the highest turnover rates, the most successful dealerships are finding ways to strategically target, recruit, engage, and retain top tier talent. Brady Ware Dealership Advisors has developed a recruiting process that will significantly increase the likelihood of making the right hire.

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Are you looking to sell your dealership? Do you want to maximize your return on your investment and at the same time create a huge benefit for your employees? If so, you should consider an Employee Stock Ownership Plan also known as an ESOP.

An ESOP can be used as a transition plan for dealerships while at the same time creating an ownership culture at the dealership. Structured properly, they can create a government sanctioned retirement plan for your dealership’s employees while, at the same time, providing significant retirement assets to the selling owners.

Succession and Estate Planning

At some point in your life, your dealership is going is to change hands, and planning ahead is best the way to avoid a painful transition. We’re here to assist your dealership with all succession planning and estate planning needs.

Internal Controls

Secure Automotive Financial Environment

SAFE | Brady Ware Dealership AdvisorsOur Dealership fraud and risk management experts have helped numerous dealers uncover the full extent of employee and outside fraud after the fact. But we much prefer to install systems and improve existing controls to deter and prevent fraud before it starts. To that end, we have developed a series of structured risk management tools that address the key components of the dealership financial environment.

We call this system SAFE, or Secure Automotive Financial Environment, because that’s what we want you to have. One of our Dealership Advisors starts the SAFE program by performing an assessment of the entire dealership. Based on the initial findings, we then recommend which areas need improvement in order to lock down your dealership’s finances.

The tools covering the various aspects of your dealership financial environment can be implemented all at once or in a series of steps. SAFE is designed to provide your dealership with flexibility and the power to impact the most important needs first. We have summarized the primary areas covered in the SAFE program to provide insight into our process and our focus.

Banking and Cash

We review this critical area to improve or establish procedures to safeguard cash and to verify the accuracy of transaction classification and recording.

Payables and Receivables

Not only do we address payables fraud, but we also provide recommendations to improve the collection process and lower the average aging of accounts receivable.

Sales and Inventory

Here we focus on the control of existing inventory and the proper recording of transactions for vehicles and the Parts and Service departments.

Accounting Issues / Other

This review includes the accuracy of accounting entries and adjustments, as well as recommendations on processes and required support documentation. 

Departmental Reviews

We recognize that F&I and the Body Shop have unique issues. We provide a thorough review of each, including transactions, procedures, and record keeping.

Compass Financial Benchmarking

Brady Ware’s Compass is a succinct, high-powered financial analysis tool that helps dealership management make better decisions in less time.

It allows management to benchmark current and historical financial data, for each department (new, used, service, parts, and body shop) against the most profitable dealers in the country. Each department is provided with its own report, comparing gross profit and controllable expenses to benchmarks customized for domestic, import, and highline dealers. Compass also computes other dealership-wide key indicators and performance measures, such as gross profit per employee, total expenses as a percentage of gross profit, and fixed absorption percentage.

Contact Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors today to find out how we can accelerate your dealership’s success!

Secure Data Management (PDM)

Brady Ware has partnered with Premier Data Management (PDM) to store and safeguard your dealership’s documents.

PDM is the leading provider of document management solutions solely focused on the automotive industry. They take the hassle of document storage and safeguarding out of the your hands by securely removing and storing the information in a compliant, secure, and cost-effective manner.

By using PDM’s cloud-based system:

  • The need for secure, compliant storage space of deal jackets, repair orders, and other non-public personal information is eliminated. No identify theft, no fraud, no credit abuse.
  • The cost to pay employees to file these items is eliminated. Those employees can be repurposed to more profitable functions inside the dealership.
  • No guessing on record retention rules and regulations.
  • Once the documents are removed from the dealerships, both sides of the documents can then be reviewed in color from any computer with proper access.

Premier Data Management | Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

The electronic records management system has been certified by the U.S. Department of Defense to meet its strict security standards for electronic record management.

PDM offers secure archival and retrieval of your:

  • Sold Deal Jackets
  • Service Repair Orders
  • Car Rental Agreements
  • “Dead Apps” (Web access not available for this service offering.)

PDM’s services include training for your staff, storage folders, secure storage containers, 24-hour web-based access to images of your safeguarded documents and regular pick-ups by our trained couriers in our secured vehicles. These services can be fully and easily implemented into your sales and service operations with little or no impact to your existing processes!

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