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Dealership Accounting Consultants

The Controller of an automotive dealership is the gatekeeper of financial information and the backbone of operations. But what happens if your Controller suddenly leaves?

Brady Ware’s Dealership Accounting Consultants provide short term solutions to keep your accounting department running in the event of a planned or sudden absence. We also enhance the performance of your current accounting department, enabling you to continue managing your business.

Our experienced consultants, each with over 25 years experience exclusively in the dealership industry, can perform a variety of functions based on your individual needs. Some of the services we offer include:


Account reconciliations






Schedule cleaning


Cash flow


Internal control


Improving financial


accounting software


Accounting office and
staff optimization


Financial statement
monthly closing


Payroll calculations
and administration


Why choose a firm specialized in dealership accounting?

Brady Ware Dealership AdvisorsBrady Ware’s Dealership Advisors work with you as strategic partners providing a wide range of tax, accounting, and compliance services to accelerate your dealership’s profits. We stand out from local tax practitioners because our advisors have:

  • Deep understanding of how transactions should be booked
  • Strong knowledge of the industry and trends
  • Quality control processes resulting in better products for the dealer
  • People at different levels and costs
  • Multiple people with diverse areas of expertise
  • Provide oversight for accounting and finances
  • Assistance in attracting the right capital for your store
  • Understanding the DMS
  • Knowledgeable on compliance issues
  • Provide tax strategies for dealerships including:
    1. Captive insurance companies
    2. Inventory valuation methods
    3. Tax credits and incentive programs

Questions about how Dealership Consulting could keep your dealership moving forward? Contact us today!

Tom Wolf, Senior Manager for Brady Ware

Tom Wolf, CPA


State and Local Tax Credits and Incentives for Dealerships

Many available state and local tax incentives and credits go unclaimed or are under-used. Dealerships rarely have the time or resources available to research the credits available to them, and the complexity and time investment can be daunting.

Each business is different, but almost all can qualify for some state and local tax incentives and credits. Working with you, we develop a plan to maximize your business’ state and local tax incentives and credits. We work on a contingent fee basis, meaning that your business must recognize savings from our services, or you do not owe us anything.

Examples of the state and local incentives and credits include:

Car Dealership Income and Franchise Tax

  • Training grants and credits
  • Machinery and equipment investment tax credits
  • Job creation tax credits

 Auto Dealership Property Tax

  •  Real and personal property tax abatements
  • Inventory tax exemptions

Incentive and Rebate Maximization

Applying incentives incorrectly is harmful to your dealership. Underutilizing incentives can be just as detrimental. Is your dealership losing money on incentives?

At Brady Ware, we are driving results through our industry experience in incentive consulting. Our auditors know the trends, recognize common mistakes, and make the most of your available incentives to benefit your dealership!

Compliance Services

Every dealer strives to reduce their tax burden and keep more of the money they earn. Our dealership accountants can help your dealership:

  • Financial Reporting and Assurance Services
  • Tax Planning and Preparation Services
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Bookkeeping Services

Fraud Detection and Deterrence

SAFE (Secure Automotive Financial Environment)

As part of our SAFE system, Brady Ware’s Dealership fraud and risk management experts have helped numerous dealers uncover the full extent of employee and outside fraud after the fact, but we prefer to install systems and improve existing controls to deter and prevent fraud before it starts. Our internal controls consulting service examines treasury processes (as well as other areas) within an organization dealing with controls over cash receipts, cash disbursements, and payroll, as well as credit cards and online banking controls. [READ MORE]

Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

Brady Ware’s Certified Fraud Examiners effectively identify the relevant financial considerations, quantifies the issues, and present those findings in clear and effective reports and exhibits. This documentation can support insurance claims and legal proceedings. Our CFEs can also serve as an expert witness when necessary. [READ MORE]


Contact a Brady Ware Dealership Advisor today and let us accelerate your profits!

Samuel J. Agresti, Jr., Director, Brady Ware

Sam Agresti, CPA

Randy Domigan, Director of Brady Ware

Randy Domigan, CPA, CFE

Mike Stover, Director for Brady Ware

Michael E. Stover, CPA/ABV 

Sean McCarthy, Director, Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

Sean McCarthy, CPA

Tom Wolf, Senior Manager for Brady Ware

Tom Wolf, CPA

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