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Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors have solutions for your dealership’s numerous accounting and compliance needs.


Dealership Advisory

Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

When you need financial advisor or consulting expert, you want someone with first-hand experience working in a dealership setting. Our advisory team understands your unique operational, financial, and accounting challenges, and we have insight into your market and your competition.

Explore how Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors can accelerate your profits:

Check out our dealership conference video library

Tim Kight: Leadership Culture in Your Dealership
Jeff Sacks Improve Your Dealership's Profitability
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Jim Ziegler: Increasing Dealership Sales with a Thriving Internet Presence
Jim Ziegler: The Shape of Things to Come
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Building a Secure Automotive Financial Environment (SAFE) - Brady Ware
SAFE (Secure Automotive Financial Environment)

You can check out the full playlist here [Visit YouTube]

Meet our team of Dealership Advisors

Samuel J. Agresti, Jr., Director, Brady Ware

Sam Agresti, CPA

Columbus, Ohio

Randy Domigan, Director of Brady Ware

Randy Domigan, CPA, CFE

Dayton, Ohio


Tom Wolf, Senior Manager for Brady Ware

Tom Wolf, CPA

Columbus, Ohio


Mike Stover, Director for Brady Ware

Mike Stover, CPA

Dayton, Ohio

Nick Brunotte, Senior Operations Consultant Brady Ware Dealership Advisors

Nick Brunotte

Columbus, Ohio



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