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California State and Local Tax Updates March 2019

Are you a California employer who must file state copies of W2s and 1099s? March 27, 2019 California’s charter cities must pay CA minimum wages. Long Beach, CA, is organized as a charter city under the CA Constitution. City employees sued their employer, alleging the failure to pay workers the state minimum wage, in violation…

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Ohio State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Planning to close your Ohio business? We can help! February 27, 2019 If so, we can help. There is also an OH Dept. of Taxation Web page ( ) that may be of interest to you. Certain tax responsibilities come into play when closing a business. The Web page includes information on obtaining a certificate…

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Georgia State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

New regulation provides Hurrican Michael timber tax credit February 27, 2019 The Georgia Dept. of Revenue adopted a new regulation that provides the implementation and administration of a tax credit for replanting timber lost due to Hurricane Michael. The rule, effective 3/7/19, specifies the credit amount and credit cap. It also explains the preapproval process…

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Illinois State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Illinois enacts credit to offset state minimum wage February 27, 2019 Illinois enacts a credit against withholding to offset an increase in state minimum wage. Effective 2/19/19, IL state law increases the state’s minimum wage incrementally over a six-year period to $15 per hour in 2025. In addition, it provides a credit against state income…

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Michigan State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Michigan updates guidance on sales and use tax bad debt deductions February 27, 2019 The Michigan Department of Treasury has updated guidance on the sales and use tax bad debt deduction for periods after 9/30/09. The revised guidance incorporates the MI Supreme Court’s decision in Ally Financial Inc. et al. v. Department of Treasury. Generally, the…

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