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Georgia State and Local Tax Updates January 2019

Restaurant equipment not exempt from sales and use tax in GA January 30, 2019 A restaurant’s purchase of equipment and furniture wasn’t exempt from Georgia sales and use tax. Tangible personal property used or consumed by a restaurant isn’t purchased for resale and, consequently, is subject to sales and use tax. GA law provides a…

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Illinois State and Local Tax Updates January 2019

Illinois creates guidelines for compensation to partners January 30, 2019 The Illinois Dept. of Revenue has held in a private letter ruling that a school is acting as an agent on behalf of a company selling books at a fundraising book fair. The applicable tax is established by the book fair location. The department said…

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Michigan State and Local Tax Updates January 2019

Michigan Makes Changes to Tax Base Calculation for Banks January 9, 2019 A new Michigan tax law provides that the tax base of a financial institution is the total equity capital of the institution (or the parent entity in the case of a unitary business group of financial institutions) subject to various deductions before apportionment….

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Pennsylvania State and Local Tax Updates January 2019

Is beer sold at Pennsylvania breweries subject to sales tax? January 30, 2019 The answer is yes, but the PA Dept. of Revenue (PDOR) acknowledges that a bulletin released on 7/27/18 caused some confusion. To address the frequently asked questions raised, the PDOR issued a FAQ sheet. It explains that, while there’s no new sales…

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New York State and Local Tax Updates January 2019

New York taxpayer fails to provide proof of job expenses January 30, 2019 The filer claimed job expenses and real estate losses on her personal income tax returns. The NY Div. of Taxation requested a letter from her employer explaining the expenses and its reimbursement policy, and asked that she provide proof of payment. She…

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