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Ohio State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Ohio tax commissioner denies request for charitable use property tax exemption February 13, 2019 An Ohio taxpayer, described as a “community life center,” said it held weekly workshops at a residence on its property to help individuals break “negative cycles.” The program’s co-founders lived in the residence. The OH Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) affirmed the…

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Georgia State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Georgia rules on tax-free lease equipment purchases February 13, 2019 The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed a trial court’s dismissal for lack of standing of a refund action brought by several Internet service providers (ISPs). The ISPs sought a refund of sales taxes they charged customers and contended were erroneously paid. GA provides dealers with…

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Illinois State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Illinois announces tentative property tax equalization factor for Cook County February 13, 2019 The Illinois Dept. of Revenue has announced a tentative 2018 property tax equalization factor of 2.8366 for Cook County. This factor decreased from the 2017 final factor of 2.9627. The department determines the equalization factor by comparing the selling price of individual…

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Michigan State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Michigan prepaid sales tax rates on fuel decrease slightly for March February 13, 2019 The MI Dept. of Treasury has announced that, effective for the period 3/1/19 through 3/31/19, the prepaid sales tax rate for the purchase of gasoline will decrease to 10.5¢ per gallon from the February 2019 rate of 11.1¢ per gallon. Additionally, for…

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Pennsylvania State and Local Tax Updates February 2019

Are you expecting a state tax refund from Pennsylvania? February 13, 2019 The PA Dept. of Revenue suggests you allow 8 – 10 weeks for processing. But you can check online anytime for a 2018 tax refund. You’ll need your Social Security number and your “requested refund amount.” Click and then click “Where’s my refund?”…

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