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Nonprofit Parking Tax Repealed

Congress Repeals Nonprofit Parking Tax Congress approved a $1.4 trillion spending bill (H.R. 1865 the Further Consolidation Appropriations Act of 2020) to avoid a government shutdown on December 20, 2019. The bill includes a repeal of Section 512(a)(7), which imposed the nonprofit parking tax on nonprofit organizations who provided qualified transportation fringe benefits. The repeal…

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What’s in Store for Nonprofits in 2020?

What’s in Store for Nonprofits in 2020? by Bob Reynolds, CPA, CGMA Without question, trends in the economy, technology, societal issues, and politics, just to name a few, significantly impact the strategies nonprofits must formulate to ensure long-term resiliency, impactful program outcomes, and effective operating activities. Too often nonprofit leaders do not invest the time…

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Bob Reynolds awarded the Dave Donaldson Award of Distinction

Brady Ware’s Bob Reynolds awarded the Dave Donaldson Award of Distinction Brady Ware’s Bob Reynolds was awarded the 2019 Dave Donaldson Award of Distinction – the “3D.” The award honors an individual volunteer who, through his tireless efforts, has helped to launch BBB to become its next best version of itself. Bob Reynolds provided expertise,…

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Two Dreaded Words: Fraud and FBI!

The two words you hope a client never has to use in the same sentence: Fraud and FBI! by Cory Taylor, CPA A while back, I received just such a phone call from a client telling me the FBI just left the organization’s office. A now former employee of the organization had stolen thousands of…

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Who is the Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative?

Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative: Expanding Nonprofit Outreach in the Miami Valley and Beyond When Jenny Warner began working in the nonprofit sector 15 years ago, she soon discovered that even though there were a great number of nonprofit organizations providing a wide range of services they were having trouble getting these services to the people…

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