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FAQs about Home Office Deductions

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Office Deductions In the past, home office deductions were available to a wide range of taxpayers, including certain employees who worked from home. But the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has effectively eliminated home office deductions for employees through 2025. Fortunately, many self-employed individuals can still claim deductions —…

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Brady Ware Launches Business Solutions Group to Better Serve Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

New service group to focus on customized, scalable assistance to help small and medium businesses implement sustainable growth plans.   COLUMBUS, OHIO – Brady Ware, one of the most trusted names in accounting and financial services, is launching a new business segment focused on providing tailored assistance to small businesses in the Midwest and Southeast…

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The Business Owner’s Guide To 2019 Tax Planning

The Business Owner’s Guide To 2019 Tax Planning by Dan Shafer, CPA It’s important to stay up to date on current tax laws, especially for small- to mid-sized business owners. In some cases, money-saving tax tips, like deferring income or accelerating deductions, are limited after December 31. But, there is still time to lower taxes…

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Estate Planning Isn’t Just for the Rich and Famous

Nearly everyone should consider updating his or her estate plan. This is smart advice even if you’re not currently exposed to the federal estate tax. Year end can be a convenient time to reflect on major life changes and plan for the future, including devising strategies to minimize taxes. Reasons to Review Your Plans For…

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Take Time to Review Your Retirement Savings Strategy

Take Time to Review Your Retirement Savings Strategy While you’re considering health care benefits options during your “open enrollment” period, you should also take stock of your retirement savings strategy. Are you saving enough to cover your retirement needs? The answer depends on many factors, including your expected living expenses, bucket list items (such as…

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