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New-Vehicle Loan Terms Escalate

Why Are Borrowers Financing Longer Loans? Buyers are financing more expensive vehicles by stretching out their loans over a longer period of time. The estimated transaction price for a new light-vehicle is about $34,442 with buyers financing (on average) $30,945 of it. Therefore, the loan terms have reached a record high of 69.3 months, allowing buyers…

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New-Car Glut Drives Vicious Cycle

Rising inventories on new cars and trucks are threatening the auto industry’s growing sales. For years, experts have been warning automakers about the return of off-lease vehicles flooding the market. The auto industry has taken their warning with some indiscretion, but Wall Street analysts have recently picked up on the trend of downward prices. It…

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Wall Street Throws a Curveball for Automakers

U.S. automakers are desperately working to turn inventory while overcoming many hurdles such as new-car inventory overflowing lots, declining sales, and a growing used-car surplus that is driving down the resale value on leases. Adding to the pressure, financial institutions have decided to tighten their credit lines for new vehicle purchases. Throughout recent years, Wall…

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Key Factors for Optimizing New-Car Inventory

How Quickly is Your Dealership Turning Vehicles? Today there are many challenges facing new-car dealers. Consumers are shopping smarter and competition is getting tougher. With margins narrow and inventory levels at an all-time high, it is more difficult than ever to turn inventory. But don’t be discouraged. You can overcome these obstacles by optimizing your…

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Assessing Your Dealership’s Risk: Should I Form a Captive Insurance Company?

Brady Ware Dealership Advisors’ Sam Agresti was recently published in Car Biz Today‘s “Assessing Your Dealership’s Risk” column. In the article, Sam talks about how an enterprise risk captive can be a great option to protect your dealership against uninsured risks. He also provides key steps to consider when forming a captive insurance company that will set…

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