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Optimize Your Hiring Process

DISC Assessment and Variable Operations Struggling to figure out how to work best with some of your employees? Want to know how to maximize their time and energy? And how are you hiring employees in the first place? Through gut instinct? The DISC assessment may be the perfect tool for your dealership to help solve…

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Rising Rates Put More Pressure on Deal Structure

By: Terry Schwer Almost always, the payments penciled come from the sales desk. As I am traveling around visiting dealers, I’ve noticed that sales managers are struggling to adjust to the current climate of rising interest rates. This puts the customer and the dealership in an awkward situation when it’s time for the deal to…

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Driving Toward the Finish Line

Year-End Planning By: Tom Wolf, CPA The end of 2018 is in sight. You’ve been on top of your financials all year long. However, it’s important to look in the rearview mirror for just a minute and go over a few things before you officially close out the year. It’s time to double-check some items…

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The Need for Good Controls in Your Dealership

Why is it so important to have good controls in your dealership? By Randy Domigan, CPA, CFE $10 million. Gone. And this former controller’s lifestyle showed it. She took an average of $4,000 a day for seven years from a dealership and used it to create a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Something from…

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Achieve 100% Fixed Coverage Before the Next Meltdown

Brett Coker: Achieve 100% Fixed Coverage Before the Next Meltdown Brett Coker was a featured speaker at this year’s Brady Ware Dealership Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Check out his talk on achieving 100% fixed coverage before the next industry meltdown. For more information about Brady Ware’s dealership services, contact Sam Agresti at 614-.384.8410 or [email protected]

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