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10 Ways to Increase Back-End Profitability

10 Basic Ways to Increase Profits in Your Service Department Undoubtedly, your dealership is aware of the challenges it faces on the front-end of the business. Competition in the marketplace is stiff. That is why the focus is increasingly being shifted to the back-end. Ask this question: Is your dealership doing everything it can to…

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Improve Customer Retention with Your Fixed Operations

By: Brett Coker When you treat people well, they keep coming back. And that applies to Fixed Operations in your dealership day in and day out. The individuals that purchased their vehicle from you or get their service regularly through you are relying on you for great advice even though they may not expressly tell…

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Building a Digital Empire

Think you’re capturing most of your potential customers online? You probably aren’t. Today’s customers are savvy-looking for the best prices and best access to the vehicles they want. And that means you need a digital marketing plan that works- not something based on practices that are two decades old. You are the car expert- but…

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Optimize Your Hiring Process

DISC Assessment and Variable Operations Struggling to figure out how to work best with some of your employees? Want to know how to maximize their time and energy? And how are you hiring employees in the first place? Through gut instinct? The DISC assessment may be the perfect tool for your dealership to help solve…

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Rising Rates Put More Pressure on Deal Structure

By: Terry Schwer Almost always, the payments penciled come from the sales desk. As I am traveling around visiting dealers, I’ve noticed that sales managers are struggling to adjust to the current climate of rising interest rates. This puts the customer and the dealership in an awkward situation when it’s time for the deal to…

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