Building a Digital Empire

Think you’re capturing most of your potential customers online? You probably aren’t. Today’s customers are savvy-looking for the best prices and best access to the vehicles they want. And that means you need a digital marketing plan that works- not something based on practices that are two decades old.

You are the car expert- but you may be a little overwhelmed by all the facets of digital marketing in 2019. There’s a lot of information to learn and digest and the market changes so fast that once you understand it- there’s been a shift in best practices.

Most dealerships are just using Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. And they do provide you the opportunity to get in front of your prospective customers when they start looking for a new car or truck. They also make sure that all the information you have online is up-to-date, relevant to your market, and accurate.

However, there is much more you should be doing. You need to take a laser-focused approach to digital marketing by assessing what your exact goals are- so you can grow your business. And that means joining your SEO/SEM strategy with a few other techniques. You may want to build your used-car department, or you might want to sell more of a specific new car model. Your dealership may want to move old inventory to buyers searching online for “new car deals.” A robust digital marketing plan utilizes a variety of resources to custom-build a program the provides you with the results you need to reach your goals.

You also may be hesitant to walk away from a third-party site that’s been delivering some traffic for you in the digital space, like or Autotrader and others like them but you need to look at your spend here carefully. Those websites brought the franchise and independent dealerships onto the internet twenty years ago. However, our team at Brady Ware found most dealerships who pay to send their inventory to multiple third-party sites and have multiple people managing their digital budget, are fighting against themselves and spending more money for fewer results.

So how do you change the tide for your dealership in the digital sphere?

First off, you should hire digital marketing experts to guide you. You need to be very careful in selecting that team. You should look for a team and marketing platforms that don’t ask for a long-term contract but at the same time provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of data. Any digital marketing team with whom you work should provide a list of requests to your dealership on the day you partner with that team, explaining what information and media you must gather to launch the campaigns they’re about to create. And a good team will help you with that gathering process. Make sure you ask a potential digital partner about the individuals that will be dedicated to each part of the campaign. It would be best if they have graphic designers, videographers, and dedicated social media experts as part of their team.

Brady Ware approaches digital marketing from a unique vantage point. We provide everything mentioned above, plus we combine our accounting and operational consulting expertise, so dealerships get the best team for their digital goals and needs. When we bring in our digital marketing platform to your dealership, we can manage your entire digital budget and optimize all digital spending to be the most productive every month. We keep you ahead of that digital marketing curve, which is always changing.

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