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Reducing Small Business Social Security and Medicare Taxes

How Can Small Business Owners Reduce Social Security and Medicare Taxes? If your small business is unincorporated, you may be fed up with paying the federal self-employment (SE) tax. This tax is how the federal government collects Social Security and Medicare taxes from self-employed individuals. However, you may be able to lower your exposure to…

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Which DMS is Right for Your Dealership?

DMS Comparison By: Sandi Jerome It’s possible you’re facing a decision. Which Dealership Management System will be right for your dealership? Or maybe you’re wondering if the one you just switched to is the right one for you? This can lead to a lot of decision fatigue and second-guessing when you’re investigating all your options…

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Contingency Planning for Small Business Owners

Contingency Planning for Small Business Owners Along with warm temperatures, summer can bring natural disasters. Across the country, residents are currently facing hurricane season along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, severe storm season in the Midwest, flood season along the Mississippi River, and wildfire season in the Southwest and West. When disaster strikes, affected businesses…

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Update: Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles

IRS Announces Changes for Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles The free use of a company car is one of the best perks an employee may receive as part of a compensation package. But the benefit to the employee isn’t completely “free” under current tax law. Essentially, personal use of a company car is treated as…

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When to Update Your Estate Plan

When to Update Your Estate Plan Estate planning isn’t just for the rich and famous. Many people mistakenly think that they don’t need an estate plan anymore because of the latest tax law changes. While it’s true that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) provides generous estate tax relief, even for well-to-do families, the…

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