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Navigating a Global Expansion

Navigating a Global Expansion Is your business part of the global economy? If not, it may be losing out on some revenue- and value-building opportunities. However, “going global” obviously isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers and tapping into new markets. And it isn’t necessarily right for every business. Here are several challenges the international…

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Tax Implications of Refinancing Your Home

Tax Implications of Refinancing Your Home You may be thinking about refinancing this year to take advantage of falling interest rates. Or you may have refinanced your home mortgage last year and have yet to file your 2018 return (because you filed an extension). Either way, there are important federal income tax implications. Here’s what…

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Virtual Currency and Taxes

FAQs About Virtual Currency and Your Taxes Virtual currency has gone mainstream. AT&T recently announced that its customers can use Bitcoin to pay their phone bills. Other big companies that accept Bitcoin include Microsoft, Expedia and Overstock. Competitors likely will follow suit. However, using virtual currency has tax implications that may surprise you. Here are…

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What States are Saying About Gender Pay Discrimination in Hiring

According to the American Bar Association (ABA): Gender-based wage discrimination remains a pernicious problem in the workplace despite enactment over 50 years ago of the Equal Pay Act (EPA), which made it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women in the same workplace who perform substantially equal work. Common explanations for…

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Ohio State and Local Tax Updates August 2019

Out-of-state footwear wholesaler loses appeal before Ohio Board of Tax Appeals August 28, 2019 An out-of-state wholesaler of footwear loses its case before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA). The taxpayer argued that the tax commissioner had been wrong in finding that it had a substantial nexus with OH by satisfying the $500,000 gross…

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