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Michigan State and Local Tax Updates March 2019

Michigan proposes 15¢ motor fuel tax increase March 20, 2019 Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive budget proposal for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 proposes three 15¢ motor fuel tax increases from 10/1/19 through 10/1/20. To offset the increase in the motor fuel tax for low-income working families, the budget proposal would double the Earned Income…

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Pennsylvania State and Local Tax Updates March 2019

Interactive gaming at Pennsylvania airports gets new regulations March 20, 2019 Interactive gaming at [ATJ(1]Pennsylvania airports gets new regulations. The PA Gaming Control Board has released temporary regulations that govern interactive gaming through multiuse computing devices installed in the gaming areas of qualified PA airports. The regulations address many issues that interactive gaming operators need…

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New York State and Local Tax Updates March 2019

NY issues explanation of Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) March 20, 2019 The New York Dept. of Taxation and Finance has issued a bulletin explaining Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs). It describes how IDAs work with their agents on economic development projects to provide sales and use tax benefits. As a government entity, an IDA is exempt from…

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California State and Local Tax Updates March 2019

Are you a California employer who must file state copies of W2s and 1099s? March 20, 2019 Returns that are paper-filed with the IRS will be forwarded to the CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB), so there’s no need for you to also file with the FTB. Generally, the IRS and FTB have the same filing…

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5 Last-Minute Ideas to Lower Your 2018 Taxes

It’s almost Tax Day! But don’t despair; there still may be time to make some moves that will save taxes for your 2018 tax year. Here are five tax-saving ideas to consider. 1. Choose to Deduct State and Local Sales Taxes If you live in a jurisdiction with low or no personal income tax or…

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