Are You Invisible to a Major Segment of Your Market?

How are people finding your dealership?

Do you know how people find your dealership? Did they hear about you from a friend? Did they see your ad in the paper? Did they hear a jingle on the radio? Or did they find you online? Chances are it’s the last one. If you answered with any of the other options, your dealership is missing out on a gold mine of untapped potential.

Technology paired with longer vehicle lifespans is drastically changing the way that people drive and shop for vehicles. Nearly 90% of car buyers are looking for information related to the purchasing process online. Google cites that the average car shopper today makes only 2 dealership visits in search of the perfect vehicle. That’s because shoppers have turned to digital forums to do research, find deals, and get real-time advice. So if you don’t come up within the first few hits on a Google search, chances are, buyers won’t even know you exist.

Today, the average automotive customer is conducting a great deal of research prior to ever setting foot in the dealership. The findings indicate there is a growing need for dealerships and finance providers to optimize their digital engagement with customers and deliver a more seamless and integrated experience across all stages of the customer journey, (a journey which is half-if-not-nearly complete by the time that customer walks into your dealership).


What are realistic expectations from my digital marketing efforts?

Increased website traffic translates into more engaged shoppers, and more engaged shoppers submit leads, make phone calls, and visit your dealership ready to purchase. More leads and more visits equate to more sales, and it all starts with web traffic. There is often an almost perfect correlation between which dealerships had the highest number of visits to their website when compared against units sold.

So why work with a CPA firm?

In a time of so much disruption in the industry, where more and more vendors are presenting products in the digital space, it is important to have a trusted, knowledgeable resource to help create a sound digital marketing strategy. By having a dedicated digital marketing consulting group that uses software, data and benchmarks from unbiased sources, you can be more efficient with both your time and capital.

Brady Ware’s Dealership Advisors have significant experience in the dealer industry and have first-hand experience in what it takes to take accelerate your profits. Find out what our digital marketing experts can do for your dealership!

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