Client Testimonial

Oregon Printing Communications

Business Overview and Background

Oregon Printing has provided our customers with high-quality printing and Marketing services since 1976. We have the ability to design, produce, and execute highly targeted, personalized, Direct Marketing campaigns. Our programs integrate seamlessly with social media and email platforms.

Working with Brady Ware

I bought Oregon Printing in 2000, after working there for 17 years. Shortly thereafter, Brady Ware became one of my customers, and I developed a relationship with one of the Directors there. He helped me gain a much deeper understanding of the business financials, not just reading the statements but learning how to use the data to make the right decisions for the business. I then hired Brady Ware to handle all of our accounting and advisory needs.

“Brady Ware truly cares about our business and stays involved to help us profitably grow.”

Judd Platenburg, President and Owner

Oregon Printing


Oregon Printing has doubled in size since I purchased the company. Brady Ware has contributed to this growth by advising me on key decisions. Under their guidance, I have purchased several pieces of equipment instead of subcontracting parts of the production process. These purchases have increased our profitability while giving us better quality control and more reliable timelines, which our customers really appreciate.


Brady Ware truly cares about our business and stays involved to help us profitably grow.

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